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Jack Ma Is Defiant In Gucci’s Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Alibaba

November 10, 2015

Alibaba founder Jack Ma says that there is no chance of a settlement in a trademark infringement lawsuit filed earlier this year by Paris-based Kering SA, which represents upmarket fashion and lifestyle designer brands such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, accusing China’s largest online commerce company of turning a blind eye to sellers hawking […]

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US District Judge Vacates NFL’s 4 Game Suspension of Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady

September 3, 2015
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Former Attorney General Eric Holder Hints That Deal With Edward Snowden A “Possibility”

July 7, 2015
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In Another Historic Decision the Supreme Court Upholds Gay Marriage

June 26, 2015

Today, in yet another historic decision, the United States Supreme Court held that bans on same sex marriage are unconstitutional.  In a majority 5 to 4 decision written by Justice Kennedy, with 4 separate dissenting opinions, the Court held that state bans on gay marriage constitute discrimination.

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Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act In 6 To 3 Decision

June 25, 2015

Read the full text of the decision in King v. Burwell here:

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Annals of Intellectual Property: A Paradigm Shift, Altruism or Enlightened Self Interest?

January 22, 2015
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Asian Students Sue Harvard Over Discriminatory Admissions Policies

December 8, 2014

Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are facing lawsuits alleging that the schools discriminate against Asian students in their admissions policies.  The suit filed in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts by groups including Students for Fair Admissions and two students who were rejected by Harvard […]

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Civil Forfeiture Getting Out Of Hand

November 11, 2014

The practice of civil asset forfeiture by police and other law enforcement agencies has come under fire in recent months amid growing outrage by citizen victims, civil liberties advocates and even some members of Congress who have raised serious questions about the fairness of the practice, which critics say has frequently been abused and violated […]

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